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What is C60

What Is C60 olive oil?

C60, also known as fullerene, is a powerful antioxidant that has effects on unsaturated fats. it removes superoxide, which is a toxic by-product of cellular metabolism that contributes to tissue injury in many human diseases. With the research in process and analysis on table, new list of its benefits is getting an update to boost the quality of life!

Why Choose Naturlux?

We are highly devoted and always have an aim to inject a high-quality, C60 for sale. In order to provide you healthy and safe environment, we move a step and ahead and do third-party lab test on all of our C60 products.

With a combination of research and advance manufacturing skills, it leaves no doubt that our C60 olive oil products are the best that you can get for everyday comfort.

Why choose naturlux C60

Detoxify Your Lifestyle with C60 Olive Oil

C60 olive oil is a borderline miracle substance with a prominent role in the elimination of ‘free radicals’ and ‘Superoxide.’ Superoxide is a byproduct of cellular metabolism our body undergoes regularly. It is responsible for damaging the tissues of the body. Similarly, free radicals are the primary cause of aging in the human body. With the potential of C60, you can achieve healthier longevity for a prosperous life.

  • C60 eliminates the pre-existing free radicals and prevents their build-up.
  • C60 is at least 150 times more potent than Vitamin C as an immunity booster and an antioxidant
  • According to research, it can boost a rat’s lifespan by almost 1.8x. The same is possible for human beings.

A Powerhouse Antioxidant

C60 is a nano-sized substance that can move to the mitochondria. As a result? It can completely absorb and remove the free radicals from the body. A C60 supplementation is 172 times more potent than any other antioxidant, including the ones found in green vegetables. 

Revitalize Your Health

C60 is a powerful immunity booster that can improve the body’s overall functioning. It can eliminate viruses and bacteria while boosting tolerance against allergies. Significantly, it also reduces and relieves inflammation. 

For weight management, it has shown promise in weight reduction by boosting metabolism and mobilizing the fat cells in the body. Thus, extensively burning calories. 

More importantly, UV radiation and free radicals promote tumor and cancer cell growth. C60 combat these adversities to rejuvenate your body. By boosting the recovery and regeneration of the body, you remain healthy and active. 

A Perfect Beauty Companion : C60 olive oil

C60’s benefits extend to beauty products and increase efficiency. Due to the free radical absorption and cleansing properties, it is prominently used in many beauty products. It is a natural product without any chemical agents.

Primarily, it has shown promise in repairing sun damage, skin texture, and promoting hair growth. Thus, it is a great companion if you seek to look plump and fresh without any cosmetic treatment or surgery.

Make The Right Choice!

Natur-Lux encompasses the state of the art technology with world-class equipment for the manufacturing of the C60. You receive a 100% authentic supply of credible, highly effective C60 olive oil.

It is one of the most potent supplements you can incorporate to witness a massive transformation in your lifestyle. Apart from the focus on the product, we also bring you exceptional services with the help of:

On-Time Delivery

We use modern logistics and cloud computing platforms to overview and manage our services for shipment. Thus, we offer highly efficient delivery with competent tracking of the goods for you.

Excellent Customer Care

We aim to be a customer-centric enterprise. With real-time tracking, our executives are available to rectify any problem. They are trained to answer any query accurately for your satisfaction. 

Feasible Pricing

Natur-Lux aims to improve your lifestyle by offering high-grade C60 Olive Oil products. While C60 is a powerful substance, we aim to deliver it at reasonable pricing. Thus, we work diligently to discover competitive methods to reduce the cost of the supplements. 

Redefining The Industry Standards

US Grown C60

Full observation on all stages: farm, processing and end-product

Extensive Third Party Testing

All the products go through a third-party test which is regulated by SC for high professional results

THC Free* Products

A pure guarantee for non-detectable THC in manufactured products

Superior Broad Spectrum

Professional hybrid-process that creates lasting quality C60

FDA Registered Facilitites

Advance-tech facilities like FDA and NSF GMP are used to manufacture, package and store are used

Trade Marked

American pure-play C60 which is listed on the NYSE: American

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