Proven Benefits Of C60 In The Cure Of Type 2 Diabetes

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Diabetes is a very common disease that affects a large chunk of the population all over the world. This chronic disease is caused when your blood sugar or blood glucose is very high. Glucose is produced in our body when you consume food so that the cells can make up our muscles and tissues. There is insulin present inside of our body, which enables the cells to absorb this energy. When a person is suffering from diabetes, their body’s blood sugar increases unusually and hence leads to further problems.

The primary cause for diabetes may vary from person to person, but whichever type of diabetes you have got, there is a high chance that your blood sugars are excessively high. Conditions that are termed as Chronic diabetes conditions are namely, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Prediabetes is a condition where your blood sugar levels are high when compared to normal, but this does not fall under the category of diabetes. This condition is reversible. Another condition that generally develops during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, is observed to be cured once the baby is delivered.

Alternatively, the role of Carbon 60 oils is that they facilitate in keeping you healthy and fit even while you are aging and prevent you from a ton of diseases and pains. The C60 oil is also said to help in curing diabetes.

Effects Of Diabetes On Your Body

It may require a ton of effort to control your diabetes. When your diabetes is uncontrolled, it means that even after treatment, your blood sugar levels are extremely high. Some of the symptoms that may indicate that your diabetes is uncontrolled include increased frequency for peeing, increased thirst, along with other problems connected to diabetes. In case you decide not to take your diabetes seriously, you’ll experience a ton of complications.

Some of the body parts that are severely affected as a result of diabetes include:

1. Heart and Blood Vessels

Diseases relating to the heart and blood vessels are increasingly common when we talk about people who do not have their diabetes in control. People suffering from diabetes are twice as prone to having problems with the heart as compared to a person who is not suffering from the condition.

Problems related to the blood vessels or the heart can also lead to foot problems, which can eventually cause amputations. Symptoms may not be observed until you have a heart attack or a stroke.

2. Eyes

Excessive blood sugars can lead to visual loss or partial impairment in people suffering from diabetes. It can cause diseases in the eye and may also cause blindness if it is left untreated for long. Some of these diseases, for instance, are glaucoma, cataract, and diabetic retinopathy.

Regular eye-checkups and treatments can reduce the risk of diabetes-related blindness by almost 90%. Hearing impairment is also observed among the people suffering from diabetes.

3. Kidney

Almost half of the recent cases of kidney failure in the world have been due to diabetes. There aren’t a lot of symptoms associated with this condition, but in later stages, it may cause swelling in your legs and feet.

The risk of kidney failure can be reduced by one-third if you choose to use drugs that lower your blood sugars as well as blood pressure.

4. Nerves

If left untreated for a long time, diabetes can cause severe harm to your nerves. Almost two-thirds of the patients suffering from diabetes have to go through these symptoms:

  • Pain or burning or a loss of feeling in feet can be observed in peripheral diabetic neuropathy.
  • When there is damage to the nerves that manage your internal organs, autonomic neuropathy comes into play.
  • Diabetic amyotrophy can prove to be a cause for intense aching or burning pain in the hip as well as the thigh, which is accompanied by weakness in the thigh muscles.

5. Teeth

If you are suffering from diabetes, you must have high blood sugars as well, and if you do have high blood sugar levels, it puts you at a higher risk of having gum disease. Symptoms include swollen and red gums, which may become highly sensitive and hence, bleed easily.

Carbon 60 As A Cure For Diabetes

By now, it would have been clear that Carbon 60 is the strongest antioxidant that man has come across and has a ton of promising effects and applications in reducing or eliminating the problems caused by oxidative stress in human cells as well as animals.

Additionally, the compound Carbon 60 can prove to be efficient as well as a safe antioxidant that helps in protecting the tissues of the crucial organs in the people suffering from diabetes. The compound, combined with traditional treatment methods, can not only be used to prevent complications in diabetes patients, but researches have also shown that it helps in anticipating complications in such patients, too.

The compound Carbon 60 alone can also assist in curing diabetes caused as a result of oxidative stress.

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