Can C60 Supplements Be Used As Anti-Aging Antioxidant?

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Buckminsterfullerene or the C60 carbon molecule is important and powerful in the industry due to its properties. It is an important scavenger of reactive oxygen species and hence has wide benefits related to the health of humans.

The most important property is that of C60 anti-aging. Research shows many benefits of this important carbon molecule in the cosmetic industry of late.

c60 anti aging

Many companies have known to grasp the importance of this molecule and make use of it in creams and lotions. Let us see how Carbon 60 fullerene can be used to induce anti-aging properties in human beings.

Free Radical Oxidation And Its Reactions In The Body 

Free radicals are present in our bodies and contain oxygen with an uneven number of electrons. The reactions in the body, namely oxidation is when these free radicals act out with other molecules to produce various chemical reactions that can either be beneficial or harmful.

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress takes place when there is a high imbalance between the production of these free radicals and the body’s capability of counteracting their effects.

Harmful Effects of Increase in Free Radicals

These scenarios can prove to be harmful to the body. When the production of free radicals increases to a level where the body cannot fight, a serious chain of chemical reactions follows up, causing extreme amounts of damage in the body. Oxidative damage is the condition wherein the cells of the body are unable to keep up with the production of free radicals.

Fullerenes And Their Activity In the Body

The C60 fullerene compound is made of 60 carbon atoms placed together in the form of a soccer ball. This pattern contains the presence of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons adjoined together to form a strong molecule.

Every carbon atom valence is satisfied by the presence of one double bond and two single bonds which are closely knit. It has carbons present in the sp2 and sp3 hybridized valence shells.

The strength of C60 fullerene can be measured by how it strengthens the bonds in metal alloys. Fullerenes in different forms can be used for different activities. Water-soluble fullerenes are used in the biomedical industry to treat diseases like cancer. They are also used to enhance longevity in mammals.

Studies have shown an increase in longevity up to 90% due to the presence of fullerenes.

Mechanism Of Anti-Aging Provoked By C60 Fullerenes

The presence of free radicals in the body promotes the activity of aging. There is a need to counter the production of these free radicals in the system. This is done with the help of antioxidants in the body.

Anti-aging property of C60 fullerenes and its derivatives is seen not just in mammals. It is also present in in-vitro mechanisms.

C60 Study: Prolongation of Lifespan

A series of experiments conducted in the year 2010 showed how Carbon 60 molecules could help in increasing longevity. These experiments were conducted using another group of fullerenes called the polyhydroxylated fullerenes (PHF). The life expectancy of invertebrates under the influence of PHF compounds increased by 38%.

Similar results were seen with algae, fungi, and aquatic plant species. Hence, it was proved that polyhydroxylated fullerenes acted as regulators or promotors of growth in these species.

Using this experiment, further processes were conducted on rats in 2015. The second group of derivatives showed that chronic treatments, with the help of carboxy fullerenes, reduced many factors related to aging.

It reduced the stress which was associated with aging. This chain process related to an increase in the lifespan of mammals.

The process involved with reducing the superoxide anion radicals in the mitochondria. Mitochondria, known as the powerhouse of the cell, started to function more effectively and lasted for longer periods of time. As a chain process, the longevity of rats showed an increase of 95%.

Use Of C60 As A Supplement For Anti-Aging

Measures were taken after experiments to induce the Carbon 60 molecules in substances to enhance anti-aging properties in mammals, especially humans.

One of the most efficient natural products that produce high amounts of antioxidants is olive oil. It prevents the process of oxidation and ensures that there are not enough free radicals in the system. A carbon 60 molecule combined with olive oil proved to be efficient in inducing properties against aging.

As Buckminsterfullerene is a strong compound and does not show signs of toxicity, there was no problem when it was combined with olive oil. The combination of the elements proved to be extremely efficient in the cosmetic field.

Olive oil also has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. It helps to clear out the pores and improves radiance and clarity. From preventing the occurrence of lines and wrinkles to promoting healthier skin, olive oil has been one of the best supports for the experimentation of Carbon 60 molecules.

In Conclusion

The mechanism of action of the carbon 60 molecules, along with its derivatives have shown increased amounts of production of antioxidants.

These antioxidants are the primary reason to start the process of anti-aging. As the fullerene family of compounds is extremely strong in structure and chemical properties, they have been used widely in different experiments to test out the various benefits they can provide.

Some of the uses are seen with respect to how they protect the skin from UV radiation, help to decrease inflammation in the joint areas, kill fat molecules, and reduced the risk of obesity and heart diseases.

It also increases the production of antioxidants, kills harmful bacteria present inside the system, improves immune functions in the body, helps to reduce the death of nerve cells, etc.

C60 anti-aging is one of the most important breakthroughs in the field of cosmetology. Though these molecules have strong structures, research is still taking place with respect to how these compounds react internally in the system.

There can be a different chain of reactions taking place when they combine with different internal molecules of the body. Combined with natural ingredients present in nature, C60 compounds have said to have a stable activity.

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