Carbon 60 Research And Its Promising Anti-Aging Effects

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Molecular Structure Of C60 Fullerene

carbon 60 research

C60 is a carbon molecule of 60 atoms, which is alternatively known as Buckminsterfullerene.

This molecule is arranged with the help of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons in the form of a soccer ball. Carbon 60 research has been going on for many years now.

Scientists have found various benefits of this powerful close-knit molecule.

Most of the applications of Carbon 60 molecule is seen in the field of nanotechnology. Recently, these molecules have been used as supplements. C60 fullerene is shown as a promising therapeutic agent to improve fatigue of the skeletal muscles.

Let us see how this superpower molecule is used as a supplement, along with its various benefits.

What Is The Carbon 60 Fullerene Molecule?

In chemical terms, C60 fullerene is an important scavenger of a species of oxygen known as reactive oxygen. Carbon 60 fullerene is a part of carbon nanostructures that are bioactive solubles.

This is due to the mechanism of Carbon 60 binding with around six electrons to make powerful coherent bonds, which makes it withstand high amounts of temperature and pressure.

This scavenger species is similar to many of the natural antioxidants present in our system. This is useful to decrease and eradicate muscle fatigue. This is most commonly observed in sportsmen when the muscles are constantly in action and may undergo the process of wear and tear.

How Does Carbon 60 Molecules Work?

The main power of the Carbon 60 molecule lies in its antioxidant properties. What we know as “age-related damage” or “bodily damages caused due to aging” is because of the presence of free radicals in the body.

Antioxidants are required to fight the presence of these free radicals in the body. These antioxidants are given to the body via a healthy diet and supplements.

Recent research has shown that the most powerful molecule to produce antioxidants in the body is the Carbon 60 molecule.

Biological Effects And Uses Of Carbon 60 Fullerene

Some Of The Ways C60 Molecules Can Help The Body Include:

1. Reduce Inflammation of the Skeletal Muscles

It can help to reduce the inflammation of the skeletal muscles. This is particularly important for people with diseases such as arthritis. Reducing the inflammation in the surrounding areas can slowly strengthen the muscles.

2. Help in Preventing Osteoarthritis

A carbon 60 molecule can potentially help in preventing osteoarthritis. This is a condition wherein the joint cartilages, and the underlying bone starts to degenerate due to lack of supplements and strength. This condition causes extreme pain and stiffness around the joints of the body.

3. Reduce Obesity and Other Metabolic Symptoms

The high antioxidant properties of the Carbon 60 molecule can help in reducing conditions such as obesity and other metabolic symptoms. This, in turn, reduces the chance of heart diseases, heart stroke, and diabetes in men and women.

4. Help in the Destruction of Bacteria

Through our normal daily routines, we are exposed to a million bacteria every single day. These bacteria can cause internal damage when they accumulate and start reacting against the body system. A carbon 60 molecule can help in the destruction of these bacteria with ease. This is because of their strong structure.

5. Reduce the Damage Caused by the UV Rays

Throughout the day, we are exposed to the harmful UV radiation of the sun. This can cause excessive damage to the skin in a long-term manner. Carbon 60 molecule helps to reduce the damage caused by the UV rays on the skin. This is due to the antioxidant producing capability of the molecules.

6. Known to Increase the Expectancy of Life

It is known to increase the expectancy of life. Research in Paris showed that rats with Carbon 60 molecule supplements lived 90% longer than the other rats.

7. Improves the Immune Functions of the Body

Carbon 60 molecule in the body helps to improve the immune functions of the body. These molecules are 172 times more powerful than the disease-fighting lymphocytes and cytokines.

8. Helps in Apoptosis of Nerve Cells

Carbon 60 molecules help in the apoptosis of nerve cells. This can be helpful in preventing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

9. Helps to Destroy Fat Absorbing Cells

Molecules of C60 fullerenes help to destroy the fat absorbing cells. This is done by increasing the number of mitochondria in the body.

Use of Carbon 60 As A Supplement

Carbon 60 molecule has a lot of uses in our life. This strong and powerful molecule has become a hot topic of discussion due to its benefits.

The most important supplement is C60 Olive Oil, which is an extremely strong antioxidant.

This olive oil is known to increase the life expectancy drastically in mammals. The methodology of preparation is done to reduce the effects of aging.

It increases the lifespan and reduces inflammatory pain around the joints. It is also useful in improving the vision, strength, and motivation among individuals, increasing the energy during the day and inducing sleep at night, and many more.

In Conclusion

Carbon 60 research has brought out to light the properties and usefulness of this powerful molecule.

This natural Carbon 60 molecule can be used as supplements to improve different functions of the body. It can also be used to treat diseases, and overall adds great value to human life.

A carbon 60 molecule is known to be the new “elixir to live.” Through various research is taking place in this field, there have been some blockages regarding the side effects.

It is one of the few compounds with extremely less toxicity; research does not support the intake of C60 supplements and its reaction in different scenarios. There can be some reaction with a few people depending on the body’s constitutions.

Ever since a young age, we have been exposed to a variety of vaccines. Since Carbon 60 molecule is an enormously powerful detoxifying agent, there are chances of it reducing the power of some medication in the body.

It is always necessary to consult a physician before taking the Carbon 60 molecule supplements. Buckminsterfullerene also has an adverse effect on the endothelial cells of the body.

Overconsumption of these powerful agents can start to harm certain cells of the body, which has not been thoroughly researched upon. Overall, it is a good supplement when taken under control and expert guidance.

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