What Are The Health Benefits Of Carbon 60?

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Carbon 60 is relatively new to the world of science but has shocked everyone by procuring some very interesting health benefits when administered to rats. Carbon 60, a member of the carbon family, is essentially a molecule that comprises different carbon atoms, 20 hexagons, and 12 pentagons. The shape of a carbon atom is unique and resembles that of a soccer ball or a ‘carbon cage.’

Interestingly, this shape is what makes this molecule resistant to radiation, chemical corrosion, and breakage, even under high pressure.

Scientists have spent years searching for plausible answers to what are the health benefits of carbon 60, and here in this article, you shall read about them.

Medicinal Applications and Health Benefits Of Carbon 60

Most of the tests conducted for Carbon 60 were carried out on rat models.

However, according to a number of anecdotal evidence, it can be proved that these results can also have the same effects on humans as well, given that the extracted Carbon 60 molecules are pure and not combined with any other hazardous compound.

Here are some of the health benefits which have taken the antioxidant by storm:

1. Increases Longevity

According to the Paris or Baati study, which is considered to be the most popular experiment performed using Carbon 60, the molecule has proved to expand the life-cycle of rats by 90%. To support this finding, there are several pieces of evidence that show Carbon 60 to be highly affinitive for cellular and mitochondrial membranes. Some of the resorts also claim that the presence of C60 is also good for the mitochondria as it prevents its dysfunction.

2. Barrier Against Free Radicals

The initial tests of C60 conducted on buckyballs showed that the molecule is a free radical sponge. Scientific data has also revealed the fact that the C60 molecule is stronger than several other antioxidants as its antioxidant capacity is several hundred times higher. The C60 attracts free electrons from free radicals, and its small size allows diffusion into the cell easily, leading it straight into the mitochondria. While other antioxidants can bind only to free radicals, C60 can accumulate dozens of molecules easily.

3. Can Be Helpful In Preventing Arthritis And Reduce Joint Inflammations

Since the molecule is 172 times stronger than other antioxidants, C60 can naturally reduce the early symptoms of arthritis, promotes more flexibility to the joints, and reduces inflammation to a great extent. It helps in improving the range of motion. As the body produces an excessive amount of free radicals when in the wake of arthritis, this leads to inflammation and tissue damage. C60 is a molecule that helps to neutralize the free radicals hence reducing inflammation to a great extent.

4. Helps Boost The Immune System

Apart from protecting the cells from free radical damage, C60 has worked wonders in stimulating the immune systems in the animals. It has successfully shown considerable results in enhancing the production of lymphocytes or the white blood cells, leading to better growth and improved immunity. Thanks to the molecular power being 172 times stronger than other antioxidants, it can fight off infections and tumor cells more efficiently.

5. Improves Brain Health

Every day, a million neurons die and get created in the brain of every individual. However, an additional number of dead neurons as compared to the number of the ones getting created each day can cause concentration issues. However, the test-tube evidence has proved that C60 has the possibility of reducing the death rate of neurons that would ultimately help in maintaining a strong and healthy brain neuronal growth.

It is also proved to boost the growth of new neurons hence improving the development of healthy neurons. There is also evidence showing that the C60 molecule has the capacity to destroy amyloid-beta plaques, which is a determining cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.

6. C60 Proven To Improve Bone Health And Promotes Good Hygiene

Research has shown C60 is quite capable of impeccable results in maintaining the health of bones in the rats and rabbits. Due to its antioxidant properties, it can boost healthy bone growth and has shown to support the cartilage in the same manner. The molecule has the potential to curb the growth rate of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

As important as hygiene is in our daily lives for our growth and development, the molecule C60 has also been found to be boosting the same with its pro-cleanliness properties. According to various tests, C60 can be treated as a disinfectant. It can get rid of all kinds of bacteria and even harmful viruses from the human body just as it has done in the animals.

7. Can Even Fight Cancer Cells And Treat Difficult Diseases

Not every tumor growth can be prevented from the help of C60, but reports have proved that Fullerene 60 can prevent cancer or tumor cells from expanding and communicating. Apart from that, scientists have also been trying to use the molecule as a possible chemo support treatment, and it has shown considerable positive results. Since it does not allow communication between rapidly spreading cancer cells, there is much hope that it can combat the disease. It can also mean that C60 can cause cancer cells to self-destruct, meaning that the human body will be left with only healthy cells.

C60 can also be seen as a possible treatment and helpful molecule that can prevent hair loss and treatment for alopecia. It generally works well in treating the skin conditions causing this disease. When tested on bald mice, C60 has shown definitive results of promoting healthy hair growth.

8. Promotes Strong, Glowing, and Youthful Skin

Various lab results have shown that C60-infused ointment has worked really well with cultured skin cells, promoting strong, youthful, and glowing skiing. Not only that, but it has also proven to be shielding itself from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The ointment in which it was infused did not work quite well against UV radiation, but when mixed with C60, the effect was phenomenal.

In Conclusion

C60 has already been given the title of ‘fountain of youth’ for its innumerable benefits to the human body that can help in enhancing youth, health, and strength. As a result, C60 is a rapidly growing oil whose market value has been on a tremendous increase. It is very natural that science is expecting so many things from these tiny molecules as scientists are exploring every branch to find what are the health benefits of carbon 60.

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