How is Carbon 60 Made?

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Have you ever got wiped away by the energetic appeal of your friend and have thought, why don’t you possess the same charisma and energy level? Well, it could be due to Carbon 60. A product that has shaken the supplement industry and could potentially be the elixir of life. It possesses strong anti-toxic and anti-oxidant capabilities that may prove to boost our lives,  That’s right, with adequate tests, it has been found that carbon 60 may boost our lives by almost twice (95%). There are also many other benefits to this supplement. Now, you may have a question like ‘Is it healthy?’ or ‘Are there any drawbacks?’ You may even wonder How is carbon 60 made? So, without further ado, let’s jump into the details for a more elaborative explanation.

Formation of C60 Fullerene

Carbon is naturally released due to several phenomena like the burning of matchsticks and striking of lightning. It is also found in meteorites and several natural minerals like Shungite. Hence, it is believed that Carbon60 is available across the universe and has played a role in its creation. It is available in a variety of things but at a minuscule quantity. Thus, it requires laboratory expertise to synthesize it up to it’s full potential.

Original Manufacturing Process of Carbon

The original process of manufacturing Carbon was by using a laser beam to vaporize carbon. After that, the carbon would pass through helium gas with high density. A cooling process will follow with ionization for the cluster of carbon to form. In these clusters, C60 would be present, and it would then be extracted. It was a strenuous and time-consuming process that is now seamless with modern innovations.

Modern Innovation In Carbon Production

Modern methods use two carbon electrodes in an electric arc to produce soot. This soot contains a decent quantity of C60 molecules. As soot is treated as an organic solvent, it requires a special procedure to extract C60. Hence, it is still one of the costly materials available to mankind. The extracted molecules are further purified with the help of chromatography. The solvent then undergoes a stage of evaporation that leaves C60 in the purest 99.9% in the form of powder. This powder is then utilized for various applications. However, this company uses a unique and innovative method of making carbon 60. It is an original method that can not be found anywhere else in the industry. This different procedure makes it the only food-grade carbon 60 in the market. Fit for consumption.

What is C60 Used For?

There are many uses to Carbon60. From consumption to physical applications, it seems to be a very versatile discovery. It has its applications in lubricating material since it can be tiny, like ball bearings. More importantly, it can be shaped into several tiny components like microscopic wires for circuits. It has an excellent capacity to absorb light, and it can also attract electrons. The light-weight batteries with longer performance are a product of Carbon60, so are the solar cells. It can be applied for bacterial elimination in water. As it has incredible strength, it is also employed in bullet-proof vests. It can also mix with compounds and also offers additional strength to synthetic material like polyesters. Overall, there is seemingly no end to its application.

What Color is Carbon 60 Fullerene?

As the name suggests, it is a form of carbon available to us. It contains around 60 atoms in the chain and appears to look like a sphere or a ball. Hence, it is also known as a buckyball. The name is derived from Buckminster Fuller, an American architect with futuristic dome designs that the Carbon60’s structure represents. As it is also the first Fullerene material discovered, it received the name after the architect as ‘BuckminsterFullerene.’ Due to its ball-like shape, it received a nickname of Buckyball.

The carbon 60 molecules transmit blue and red light. It creates an effect of purple color. Hence, Carbon 60 is purple in color. However, its dried form resembles brown color due increase in the green-light transmission. The blue light transmission in dried form is further reduced. It is also soft like lead in normal conditions, but under extreme pressure, it can also turn as hard as a diamond.

What Are the Uses of Carbon 60 For the Body?

Free radicals seem to be the enemies of our lives, literally. They are unstable atoms found in our bodies that can damage our bodily cells. These atoms are the cause of various illnesses and aging symptoms from diabetes to nervous system failure. In short, they are the reason we become fragile with increasing age. Our body starts losing its capacity to fight against these free radicals.

The main cause of these free radicals is none other than our environment. Pollution, UV rays, smoking, alcohol, junk food, and so on, there are countless factors that contribute to the accumulation of free radicals in our bodies. You probably have a good idea by now that anything ‘unhealthy’ is related to their generation and development. But don’t worry, there is a way out of it, to live a better life.

Importance of Antioxidants

It has been proven that a key to leading a healthier lifestyle is by incorporating a diet that is rich in anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants and anti-toxins act on our body to combat free-radicals and reduce them in order to offer overall amplified health. In today’s world, it has become paramount to have anti-oxidants in our lives. Carbon 60 has become a prevailing source of anti-oxidants and anti-toxins that prove to be beneficial for our lives.

Uses of C60 Fullerene for the Body

It has several great uses for the body:

  • Fights allergies and reduces inflammation.
  • Fights the degeneration process in the body to increase healing capabilities.
  • It can reduce or eliminate the spreading of HIV agents by binding them.
  • It can increase the lifespan of a mammal by 95%. However, the test is only proven to work on rats, presently.
  • It can be used to fight against cancerous tumors.
  • Increases joint health and prevents stiffness of the body.
  • Great for skin-care routines and cosmetics.
  • Boosts the immune system and health. Bone density, cartilage, and other aspects also show tremendous improvement.
  • Can potentially fight against infertility.
  • Prevents damage from UV Radiation.

In Conclusion

While most of the research and its application on biological life, especially humans, remains under progress, there are several theories and animal-testing that proves that it is a marginally beneficial compound. Now that you know how is carbon 60 made and where it can be discovered, it can further add to the credibility of the molecule. So get ready to feel a surge of energy in your body and witness the gift of health with Carbon60.

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