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Carbon 60, also known as buckminsterfullerene, has come to be known as a powerful and influential supplement in the world of medical science. The molecule that was discovered just a few years back has shown considerable results in enhancing various aspects of human health. This antioxidant is known to be 172 times more powerful than other antioxidants in the market and thus has resulted in its instant fame and value.

But exactly how much Carbon 60 should you take so that you can avail of the best benefits that this antioxidant offers? Scientists have experimented by ascertaining the different quantities of dosage and have come up with some possible dosage requirements.

What Is The Appropriate Dosage Of C60 Supplement That Should Be Taken?

Depends On The Purity Factor Of The Carbon 60

The amount of C60 you should take would highly be determinant of the purity factor of the antioxidant.

1. Lower Purity Supplement

If you have a lower purity product, you will be required to consume more quantities of the supplement to discover the benefits.

2. Higher Purity Supplement

On the other hand, if you are certain that the supplement you have is of high-purity, you need not take it in high dosages, as only a little of it would do the job.

For optimal results, it is always recommended to take a C60 product having a minimum of 99.5% purity. Since the purity level is high, you will have to take a small amount of the product to do the needful. Scientists and doctors recommend taking a dose of not more than 5ml per day if the concentration of the product is so high.

Different For All Weight Groups

However, it is equally important to determine the body weight before consumption of this supplement as the dosage amount would be different for all weight groups. Although the perfect dosage amount has not yet been ascertained by the scientists, these dosage amounts have been calculated on the basis of feedback from people consuming the supplement. 

How Much Is Carbon 60 Is Sufficient For An Average Human?

Daily Recommended Dosage

Although it has not yet been scientifically proven, yet the most common dosage taken by adults is one teaspoon or 5 ml per day. This has enabled most of them to de el energized all day long, and a number of people have also reported better health statuses after regular consumption of the antioxidant.

In one bottle of C60, there are about 20 teaspoons, and a bottle is good to last for 20 days if taken meticulously. The Carbon 60 olive oil is a good supplement that can be taken at any time of the day and has proved to show similar and desired results. Most people tend to use it during cooking so that the taste doesn’t make them discontinue the supplement.

Circumstances For Higher and Smaller Dosage

1. Higher C60 Supplement Intake

Some athletes have been reported taking high doses of the supplement to boost improvement in health and performance. They prefer to consume an entire 100 ml bottle at once. This method has proved desirable results in boosting strength, stamina, and vigor in most people.

2. Lower C60 Supplement Intake

Those who feel that consuming 5ml per day is too strong, are usually advised to begin with a smaller dose and then work their way gradually to increase the dosage with time. As the human body gets accustomed to the high power supplement and starts reacting, it automatically calls for more intake of the same supplements. 

How To Take Carbon 60 Supplement?

To ensure that you avail of the maximum benefits which this miraculous antioxidant has to offer, you must know how to consume it in the best manner. Proper dosage and regular consumption is the key to finding the best results from this supplement intake. You can expect to see optimal results only when you are taking regular and consistent daily intake of the proper ratio required of Carbon 60 in your body.

1. Take C60 Supplement In The Morning For Best Results

Scientists and doctors have recommended that Carbon 60 works the best in the morning. Hence, having a supplement with your breakfast is the best choice as it boosts your energy and keeps you pro-active throughout the day. However, this is a suggestion, and if you fail to take it in the morning due to some reasons, taking it at any other time of the day will also account for the same benefits as long as you don’t break the pattern. It is not essential to have the supplement along with your food. You can finish your food and then take it, or it can be taken in an empty stomach as well.

2. Eat An Apple After Consuming C60

Some people prefer to take an apple after consuming a sip of Carbon 60 as it helps in masking the bitter taste of the supplement. It is also considered to improve effectiveness. People with sensitive stomachs or patients suffering from a lot of digestive issues can take a glass of lemon, orange, or other citrus juice when consuming Carbon 60. This has proved to help with digestion in certain people.

3. Divide The Dosage To Be Taken Through Out The Day

Another method of taking proper dosages of Carbon 60 is that a large dose can be taken in the morning while other, smaller portions can be taken at different times throughout the day. This helps in dividing the bitter taste of the supplement, which becomes bearable when taken in smaller doses. Although it has been proven safe to consume at any time of the day, some people avoid consuming it during the evenings as they found it to be mildly stimulating. 

4. Drink A Lot Of Water When Taking Carbon 60

Freshwater in great quantities should be consumed when taking proper dosages of Carbon 60 to support the body’s natural processes and boost the supplement’s power. 


If you wish to directly apply the Carbon 60 to your body for protection against harmful ultraviolet rays and enhance the youth of your skin, you can do so. Just rub a few droplets every day to the desired area of the skin.

As the miraculous supplement has already proved to show so many health benefits according to multiple research and tests, people have started realizing the importance of this supplement, and the demand for this has been increasing ever since.

If you know how much carbon 60 should take and follow the practice regularly, you can improve your quality of life greatly. No wonder it is a great contribution to the world of supplements that can help combat deadly diseases and enhance the quality of life in humans.

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