Organic C60 Supplement (1 Bottle) – 90 Day Supply

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  • This signature formula is developed with fine, microscopic Carbon-60 particles
  •  Yes, shipping is available all across the globe.
  • The abundant amount of Carbon-60 present in the product makes it very rich

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Product Description and Reviews

Taking control of your health with NaturLux: C60 Supplement.

Everybody claims that… getting old is a part of life, and It sure is… feeling old however is often something that comes WITH it.

Suddenly, out of the blue… going on your daily walk to the bakery becomes hard…
…Going out with your grand kids becomes something tedious because even though you LOVE them… You simply don’t have the energy anymore.

You feel old… you feel insecure, and that can cause you to feel desperate…

For example, take Anita: See, Anita… Well, Anita used to go on her daily walk through the park, this she did because she and her friends would come together and chat like the good old days!

On the other hand, she also realised that this meant she had some movement and that’d help her to stay healthy… because at Anita’s age, you are more concious about your health (She is 67 years old).

While she went out almost on daily basis, she realised that… It became harder. Sure, she got older but that is part of life? But how could it seem as if the route they walked for the past 9 years… On a Daily basis… became so much longer?

Even though It was harder, she kept going untill… she realised that she was just… “Old.”

See, I personally feel that You’re only as old as you feel… and life is all about prolonging the moments we enjoy, Anita agreed on that because she got desperate and insecure. Sure, she wanted to prolong those walks… but she also didn’t want to feel “Old”.

She started to search the internet, and that is how she found us: Naturlux.

After a few bottles of Naturlux, Anita feels she is younger again. See, Naturlux… Naturlux promotes longevity. It reduces oxidative stress, and neutralizes Free radicals.

Naturlux, helps you to be your own boss again!

Are you ready to take control?

Is Carbon 60 (C60) dangerous? Is C60 safe?

In 2012, a team of scientists in Paris investigated whether carbon 60 has toxic effects. They mixed C60 in extra virgin olive oil, then gave it to rats for several years.
The rats that took C60 lived almost twice as long as the reference rats! The type of rats that was used for the experiment normally develops cancerous tumors as they age, but none of the rats that received carbon-60 developed cancer.
The researchers then gave the rats a very toxic solvent, carbon tetrachloride, which destroys the liver. The toxic effects of carbon tetrachloride on the liver were greatly reduced and they healed very quickly after 24 hours !
The scientific study concludes that it was the C60 that protected the rats and they were physically much younger and without any cancerous tumor.

This another study demonstrated the absence of carbon 60 toxicity.

Is C60 olive oil safe?

Most scientific studies use olive oil to demonstrate the benefits and the absence of carbon 60 toxicity.

It can be concluded that it is very beneficial to take C60 olive oil.

But oil is only the means of transport from C60 to the liver. It is therefore important that everyone take an oil that suits their taste, so that it remains a pleasure.

That’s why we offer carbon 60 in olive oil.

1 review for Organic C60 Supplement (1 Bottle) – 90 Day Supply

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